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About Us

Panache Kids Boutique is a home boutique specifically designed for kids to experience the “World of fashion” from when they’re just a few weeks old, wearing only the best for years to come. The boutique offers an opportunity for exclusivity and privacy of fitting in a homely environmentfor away from hustle and bustle of busy shopping malls.We do premium children's wear and use a lot of high-quality materials.Retailers of exclusive, hard-to-find, fantastic quality designer/high fashion kids clothing. All the childrens designer clothing that we purchase is available for both boys and girls.

Trendy and practical, the clothes at PKB cater to the upscale parent that needs a fashionable wardrobe for their progeny/accessory that will survive the rigors of a child's best efforts to ruin everything they wear. The Boutique is there for kids to embrace and make fashion presence, while not forgetting the innocent whimsical pleasures of childhood, accelerating their innocence, cuteness and adorableness. We specialise in kids clothing that are characterised by Style, Flair, Flamboyance and Verve.

Panache Kids Boutique aim for the quality of clothing that'll be passed on from sibling to sibling without loosing its value and style. The Boutique caters for kids from the ages of zero to 10 years of age. For our Boutique, children’s fashion is a primary business activity and with their fashion loving parents/grandparents in mind, who appreciate seeing flamboyance and verve in their young ones. Parents who want fashions they can choose instead of buying the really regular products.

Many parents now maintain fashion as a part of their lifestyles and they want it to reflect through their kids. A new generation of fashion-conscious parents.

Our Vision

To be a distinguished kids-wear boutique known for quality of products, setting new trends and high fashion lifestyle for kids.

Our Mission

To establish a boutique that will create best dressed kids in town. To accomplish this, we focus on exceptional design, personal styling, innovation, quality, accessibility and interactive communication.